I don’t believe in cookie-cutter teaching methods. You are not me, and I am not you. My teaching style isn’t about a one-size-fits-all system or a set of rules — there are limitless paths to success, and together we’ll find the one that works best for you. 

I absolutely love helping people achieve their potential, which is why I limit the number of mentorships and workshops I offer each year. This allows me to fully devote myself to the photographers who trust me to help them grow their business. (It also lets me spend time with my two boys and their amazing father — they’re the driving force behind everything I do!)


Film. Digital. Lighting. Posing. Business.
You name it, I can help.

My one-on-one mentoring sessions are tailored to your learning needs. Whether you’re looking to build your business, define your style, dive into film photography, or improve your posing, one-on-one sessions let you focus on what YOU need to succeed. 

Visit my in Towaco, NJ (just 35 min outside NYC and across from the train), or I’ll travel to you for an additional fee. Select long distance mentoring spots are available  for two 2 hour sessions via Google Hangout for online portfolio review and specific help. 

email me for details - christina@christinazen.com

Personalized Learning

In the evening, we convene for dinner (optional). It’s a time to relax, have fun, and ask me anything in an informal setting. I’m an open book! The next day we reconvene to discuss the shoot and go over the business side of shooting film. It's an intense day of numbers, book keeping and how to run a proper film business for profit! 

The cost for the D&R workshop is $850 (local at my studio) or $1150 (travel to a location) and is limited to 5 photographers. Lunch and snacks are provided. Travel and hotel are not included. A private Facebook group will be created to share info and discuss lodging and transportation. You’ll also get a headshot done by me, a portfolio review of your recent work, a critique of your workshop images, and plenty of goodies and prizes from my sponsors! 

Email me for more info - christina@christinazen.com




FILM workshops

DEVELOP & RAW is a film boot camp of sorts. It’s a two-day, intensive workshop on the hows and whys of shooting film and incorporating it into your workflow. Whether you’re looking to add a few rolls to your digital coverage or take the leap to 100% film, this workshop can help you explore the medium and up your game. 

You’ll need a basic grasp on shooting in manual mode and access to a film camera — but even if you’ve never handled a roll of film before, we’ve got you covered. We’ll explain camera formats, film stocks, metering, natural and artificial light sources, and all the stuff you need to know to ACTUALLY shoot film with success. 

The afternoon will be devoted to a styled session where you’ll have the chance to apply these techniques and create beautiful film images for your portfolio. Each attendee is given personal attention and plenty of time to shoot. Throughout the session, we’ll talk about strategies for posing real-life people (not models) and capturing genuine emotion and expression. 

Ashley Wilbur

Over the years I have learned to be very selective when choosing my next workshop. Personally I feel that styled shoots are fun, but every photographer's style is different and I am not going to get much out of an experience like that but a few photos to put in my portfolio. I much prefer to learn something new, technically. I signed up for D&R because I knew that I was going to walk out of there with a new set of skills that would help me to get better at shooting film. I mean, we did take tons of pretty pictures, but that wasn't the focus. Christina took the time to explain the equipment, describe the film stocks and really teach us how to use this information in real situations. When I signed up for this class I was a hobbyist film shooter. When I left I was inspired to take it further, I bought my first Pentax 645 and now, 5 months later I am integrating film into my work. D&R was the best investment I could have made for myself and my business this year. 

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Erin Morgan

I attended Christina's film workshop in NYC. After photographing digital for years and not touching a film camera since high school (which is well over 13 years ago) I was nervous and panicky to re-learn film again. Christina makes her workshop attendees feel comfortable and welcome. I know this after attending 2 of her workshops AND doing 1-1 mentoring. Christina is wonderful and gives 1-1 attention during her workshops! She is open, honest and answers all questions thoroughly and clearly. Her handouts/workbooks go into deal about each film stock and she had camera's there for us to test out. After spending the morning learning about film, film camera's, shooting techniques, etc we did get to go out and photograph alongside Christina. During the course of shooting, she provides feedback, answers questions and provides reassurance and suggestions on posing.  I will be attending future workshops given by Christina and her team.

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Julie Wilmes

Processed is simply one of the best investments in my film photography career that I've made to date, Christina's teaching skills really shine and I truly left feeling like I understood film at a deeper level. Don't get me wrong, the sessions that she arranged for the shooting portion of the workshops were lovely and well put together but I really enjoyed being able to work with her and the other attendees on developing our businesses and really dive into the nooks and crannies of film itself. The locations she picked were amazing and the workshop ran smoothly from start to finish. If you're looking for an investment to make in your art, make it with Christina, you won't regret it.

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